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Playlist for July 8, 2024

Posted: July 8, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song The I Don’t Cares Just a Phase The I Don’t Cares Kissing Break Juliana Hatfield Three I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands The Replacements Ledge Mosh Ben-Ari Flower Yehuda Poliker Flower Mike Oldfield Taurus 3 Echoes Great Gig in the Sky (cover: Pink Floyd) Aviv and Sharon Hit the Road […]

Playlist for July 1, 2024

Posted: June 30, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Annemarie Bubblegum I See You Partridge Family I Woke Up in Love This Morning The Archies (feat. Ron Dante) Bang Shang a Lang The Cufflinks (feat. Ron Dante) Tracy The Cowsills  I Love the Flower Girl Action Skulls (feat. Bill Mumy and John Cowsill) Find the Good The Cyrkle Red Rubber Ball DiFranco […]

Playlist for June 24, 2024

Posted: June 24, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Old Man River Summer Maya Johanna When the Sky Jane Bordeaux Whiskey Lola Marsh Sirens The Stills Lola Stars and Stripes The Kinks Lola The Olms Someone Else’s Girl The Cure (Jumping) Someone Else’s Train Wiretrain Love, Love Jenny Lewis Love U Forever Lisa Loeb The Way it Really Is Yehuda Ledgley Pie […]

Playlist for June 17, 2024

Posted: June 17, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Judy Antebi As I Walk Mika Sade Little Things Dorin Yanni and the Band Enchanted Woods Of Monsters and Men Little Talks Nefesh Mountain Esa Einai The Abrams Champions The Goo Goo Dolls Let Love In Slowdive Slowmo Lush I Have the Moon Grandaddy Way We Wont The New Pornographers High Ticket Attractions […]

Playlist for June 10, 2024

Posted: June 10, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Maya Johanna Shallow Waters Sun Tailor You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Sawyer Bang Bang Bang Elad Jacob Friends Regina Spektor Laughing With (God) Rilo Kiley The Absence of God Joan Osborne (What if God was) One of Us David Bowie Thursday’s Child Butterfly Child Don’t Talk to Me Counting Crows […]

Playlist for June 3, 2024

Posted: June 3, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Red Sun Project Red Sun Tal Cohen Shalev Bird Inside a Cage Erez Singer The One I Love The Abrams Northern Redemption The Abrams Viva La Vida (Coldplay cover) Coldplay Lovers in Japan Sebastian Teiller Fantino (Lost in Translation soundtrack) Japan Quiet Life Harper Simon Wishes and Stars The Cure High (from the […]

Playlist for May 27, 2024

Posted: May 27, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Neil Cicierega Crocodile Chop The Beach Boys Crocodile Rock (cover: Elton John) Echo and the Bunnymen Crocodiles R.E.M. Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter Tilly and the Wall Alligator Skin Red Letter Agent Burn the Good Ones Down Roco DeLuca and the Burden Colorful Pop is Art Let Me Be the One Josh Ritter Change […]

Playlist for May 20, 2024

Posted: May 20, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Toy Matinee The Ballad of Jenny Ledge Kevin Gilbert The Best Laid Plans Kevin Gilbert Suit Fugue (Dance of the A+R Men) Giraffe Fly on a Windshield/Broadway Melody of 1974 (cover: Genesis) Sheryl Crow Mother Nature’s Son (cover: The Beatles) The Guess Who No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature Mother Mother Dirty Town Sufjan […]

Playlist for May 13, 2024

Posted: May 13, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Ethnix Strawberries Yehuda Poliker What Will Be Will Be Alon Olearchik She Walks on the Roads Monika Sex On the Floor The Tractor’s Revenge Game of Tears Forestt Amalia The Idan Raichal Project Nicer Words Than These Nathan Goshen Thinking About It (Let it Go) Niv Kaikov No Regrets Red Meadow Forever 21 […]

Playlist for May 6, 2024

Posted: May 6, 2024 by brainwaves in Playlists

Band Song Orphaned Land Brother Toad the Wet Sprocket Brother New Order Bizarre Love Triangle (Dub mix) The Bellyachers So You Are a Star (cover: The Hudson Brothers) Stars The Night Starts Here Starflower Dance till the Morning Light Starcastle Why Have They Gone? Rami and Eiland She Likes to Sleep Alone The Beatles She […]